Litchi Studio Recipes, Videos

  • California Wine Chiffon Cake

    Have you ever tried soft chiffon cake mixes with wine? Try this wine chiffon cake today and let Litchi bring you a bite of California wine!
  • Beat Soft, Firm, and Stiff Peaks in Egg Whites

    Pillow-like quality of whipped egg whites is terribly useful when baking things. Good whipped egg whites make souffles and cakes rise, lighten pancakes and waffles, and ...
  • Coffee Butter Cookies

    Tired of traditional butter cookies? Add some coffee! 
    Very easy to make & yummy!
  • Nutella Roll Cake

    This Chocolate Nutella Cake Roll has a chocolate cake roll filled with creamy Nutella! Heavy hazelnut mix chocolate will your first choice for afternoon dessert treat! 

  • Sweet Nutella Puff Pastry Recipe

    The same easy pastry batter makes the light and airy confections we know as cream puffs, and chocolate éclairs. But we use nutella instead of cream, saving whipping time!


  • Real Homemade Bagels

    BAGELS’ possibilities are endless. These bagels are better than any store bought or frozen varieties, fresh and tasty!
  • How to make Paul Hollywood Bloomer Bread

    Recipe changed from Paul Hollywood’s bloomer Bloomer Bread refers to a type of bread popularized by bakeries in London, England. It is ...