Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer
Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer
Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer
Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer
Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer
Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer

Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer

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  • 【POWERFUL 750W COOKING AND 1000W MIXING & 10 SPEEDS CONTROL】Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer allows you to cook right in the stainless steel (#304) mixing & heating bowl. Up to 10 speeds settings with pulse function makes it easy for nearly any task from baking prep to mincing meat or making an icy juice for the summer.
  • 【AWESOME VERSATILITY】 This multi-functional chef machine comes with multiple useful attachments that a stand mixer could ever have: meat grinder, 1.6 quarts/1.5L glass blender jar, sausage stuffer, dough hook, mixing blade and whisk. BPA free splatter shield cover that is safer and easier to add ingredients while mixing makes it just even better!
  • 【EASY TO USE LCD CONTROL PANEL】User friendly LCD control interface offers manual and auto control mode: setting speed, time and temperature manually or simply turn to auto mode and select from 9 pre-set modes. Just as easy as that!
  • 【SUPER LARGE 7.4 QUARTS MIXING BOWL & 3.1 QUARTS/3L COOKING CAPACITY】 7.4 quarts mixing bowl allows for max 6.6lbs mixture, and 3.1 quarts cooking capacity enables you leaven dough, stew soup right in the bowl.
  • 【ORDER WITHOUT ANY RISK! 】Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer is backed by 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and 24 Months Seller Warranty. Order now with NO risk and start indulging yourself!

Litchi 7.4 Quart Cooking Stand Mixer

Mix & Cook Right In The Bowl With This Amazing Cooking Stand Mixer Brought To You By Litchi!

Are you a passionate lover of the art de cuisine? Do you love making sweet or salty delicacies? Would you opt for a powerful multifunctional kitchen appliance that allows you to cook and mix – all in the same bowl?

If yes, then you are in great luck, because Litchi has just the thing for you!

With a slew of fantastic features, this mixing bowl should not be missing from any household! However, its most awesome trait is the fact that it has a heating bowl with 750 Watt cooking power; in other words, you can mix and cook right there in the same bowl!

Become a Master Chef in your own kitchen with 6 different attachments; a sausage stuffer, a dough hook, a mixing blade, a whisk, a meat grinder assembly and a glass blender jar!

Ideal For Both Professionals & Home Users!

Ten Speed Settings: That’s right, you read correctly, you got ten different speeds that will cover all of your cooking needs – not to mention our mixer’s pulse function as well!

Over-heating Protection: It’s not all about efficacy; your safety is of grave importance as well, that’s why we have integrated an over-heating protection feature!

Six Removal Suction Cups: With 1000 Watt mixing power, you certainly need a little help keeping this mixer steady on your countertop – and that’s the job of the six removal suction cups beneath it!

Stunning Capacity: With 7.4 quarts/7L mixing bowl and 3.1 quarts/3L cooking capacity, you can keep a whole restaurant running; or make a fabulous dinner for quite a large number of guests!

Easy-to-use LCD Panel: Large and bright, our mixer’s LCD panel will make your life easier when you’re choosing your preferred modes and speeds!

What Can You Do With Your New Standing Mixer? Well, Take Notes!

Make Your Own Bread! With the dough hook attachment, you can use the kind of flour you prefer, and add ingredients like cheese or raisins to make your very own, delicious, home-made bread!

Yummy Mashed Potatoes! Or mashed-anything really; just attach the mixing blade and choose your preferred speed depending on how rich and lumpy you prefer it!

Cakes & Various Desserts! Use the spherical 12-strand wire whisk to whip egg whites, butter, cream, sugar and make tasty cakes and desserts!

Your Kids’ Favorite Cookies! Get some serious love from your children, right after you’ve used the flat beater to make them some of their favorite chocolate chip and vanilla cookies!

Sinful Sausages! You don’t have to go out to get your hot-dogs, simply use our mixer’s sausage stuffer to make your own!

Smoothies & Ice Beverages! The glass blender jar is the best way to make a healthy protein smoothie, a banana milkshake, or an icy beverage of your choice!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
starsSo glad I chose this mixer.

I read up on the reviews and decided on this mixer. I love it and the price was so reasonable. I have been cooking ahead for Thanksgiving...homemade rolls, pie crust, and homemade noodles...all to put in the freezer. It is a workhorse and the 5.5 quart bowl is deep enough that it keeps ingredients from flying out even without the guard on. The controls are very simple to work, the head lifts up easily and the attachments are very easy to put on.

Great First Mixer

I have never used a Kitchenaid so I can’t compare the two, but this mixer has everything I was looking for in a first stand mixer. I have made HEAVY doughs with it (ciabatta), butter, whipped cream, and cookies. It exceeded my expectations and has made baking easier so far! Ciabatta it a very thick bread dough that has to be in the mixer for about 15 minutes. The motor handles it fine. The motor area doesn’t even feel warm or seem like it’s overworked. I have made the bread a few times so far and each time the machine handles great. I do have to hold the base steady for the last minute or two when the dough starts slapping the sides, otherwise I can just start it and forget it till the end of the mix. I like that each of the six speeds are distinct (unlike my hand mixer). I feel like I have a lot of control over the strength of the mix I want. It does seem loud, but this is my first stand mixer so it might be normal. Overall I think this is an excellent mixer and a great first mixer.

Quality mixer

Nice mixer! I wanted to get a stand mixer for our beach home but didn’t want to spend a lot of $$. I have a Kitchenaid mixer and I really like it but decided to give this a try since it was a lightening deal. I purchased the silver and it’s very nice. I like the color and it’s not too loud when running. The silver power knob was scratched and rough so I emailed the company and was sent a replacement right away. The attachments are not as “heavy” quality wise. They are thin and lightweight so time will tell how that will go but for the much cheaper price point I’m very satisfied.

Awesome! Works just as well as KitchenAid for less

Love it! I was going to purchase a KitchenAid, but after reading the reviews in this one I decided to go with it. Glad I did. I use it to make body butters and it cuts my time in half plus I can make triple what I used to. Very happy with this!